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Ardtara Country House

Upperlands Ireland

Loosley translated from the Irish, the name means "old house on the high hill". As descriptive a phrase as they could have conjured up. This 19th century Victorian home has a goodly history and all the coziness that comes with age. Such as fireplaces in nearly every room - including some of the baths. A skylight so expansive it practically roofs the dining room itself. A nook here for a hot toddy, a cranny here for a curlup and quiet read. Yet Ardtara is as new as the most modern facilities can make it. The combination of charm and convenience is evident in a completely equipped with a meeting room that adjoins a bright and airy conservatory in which coffee is served. Or the 19th Hole Snug Room where guests gather by a hearth to ponder the day's events.


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