Introduction: Thoughts On Visiting South Africa

Fancourt - The Links, South Africa -
Fancourt – The Links

This will be my fourth trip to South Africa and the first which will have 6 rounds of golf, alongside all of the great experiences that this wonderful country can provide.

PerryGolf has been operating escorted tours to South Africa for eight years and this will be the first that I have hosted. Our team on the ground in South Africa, let by Gordon Turner is exceptional. The feedback we consistently receive is extremely positive and the anecdotal stories I hear repeatedly are of above and beyond service from a group of people who genuinely care, and take the hospitality they deliver very seriously and professionally.

With this background, my wife, Marion and I shall be hosting fourteen PerryGolf couples for two weeks in South Africa. We believe this is about the perfect group size to create as much intimacy with fellow travelers as you wish, yet enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded new friends when the opportunities permit.

Our schedule can be viewed here. It is a schedule that we have refined and adjusted over the years as new experiences and opportunities have arisen.

The group we shall be hosting is comprised of some old friends and soon to be new friends. We are both very much looking forward to the experience. Our bags are packed and I hope that I will be able to provide my insight into a great travel experience.

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