Bermuda and Charleston form the ideal combo for golf cruisers


You go to heaven if you want – I’d rather stay here in Bermuda – Mark Twain

Bermuda, located 665 miles east of North Carolina, consists of 138 islands offering a blend of British and American culture.

From bicycle trails in Hamilton to subterranean adventures such as Crystal Caves to exquisite shopping, dining and cocktailing, strolls on the the coral sand beaches amid an island vibe, Bermuda is a refined gem in the North Atlantic Ocean.

How Much for a Rental Home at the British Open?

Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland
I am always intrigued by the market place for rental homes at major events. The accompanying story reconfirms my belief that one-time events in a location generally have mismatched buyers & sellers.

PerryGolf at The Masters with Wheels Up

Wheels Down at the Masters party - Gordon Dalgleish presents PerryGolf's 2016 Caribbean Golf Cruise giveway to the lucky winner!
Gordon Dalgleish (left) presents PerryGolf's 2016 Caribbean Golf Cruise giveaway to the lucky winner during the Wheels Down at The Masters event on Thursday night!

Last week the golf world witnessed a most memorable Masters Tournament, whereby the spotlight was without question on 21 year old, Jordan Spieth. Spieth was not alone in making the game look easy, but nonetheless he made it look the easiest. What an exciting week for golfers and non-golfers alike who witnessed this exceptional turn of events. Better still, was PerryGolf and many of our clients. How to win friends and influence people in the golf and travel industries? PerryGolf explains here…