How Much for a Rental Home at the British Open?

Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland
I am always intrigued by the market place for rental homes at major events. The accompanying story reconfirms my belief that one-time events in a location generally have mismatched buyers & sellers. Read more “How Much for a Rental Home at the British Open?”


The fourth Major of the Season…really?

By now, every golfer has formed an opinion on the 2010 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. Doubtless the Championship Committees ofthe other three Major Championships gave a knowing nod to each other and recognized the sheer folly of the PGA’s decision in 2004 to designate bunkers as just that (which continued through to this event), even if the Smth family were sitting in (a bunker) having a picnic. Their efforts at explaining same were commendable and Dustin Johnson took the outcome as a gentleman. Ultimately he is responsible and did not shirk from that fact.  This article from today’s L.A. Times absolutely nails the issues (another principal one being the walking referee with the group being MIA when Johnson most needed him) in so many ways. It was a great event that sadly will be remembered for an amateur mistake by a Professional organization.

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