Where is the Largest Selection of Whisky in Edinburgh? The Balmoral Hotel

The 5 Star Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland is pleased to announce its intimate whisky bar now offers the largest selection of scotch whiskies in Edinburgh.  From single malts and blends to young malts and mature malts, the Balmoral offers over 400 varieties of scotch whiskies to the public.

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Gastronomy Galore aboard a Hotel Barge – Gourmet Cuisine, Fine Wines and Delicious Cheeses

Gourmet CuisineWhether you’re a gourmet chef, wine guru, or cheese connoisseur – or simply love to sit back, relax, and indulge yourself in this refined type of cuisine while an aficionado in each area shares his expertise, you’ll find that dining aboard a hotel barge is right up your alley.  Take a few minutes to read through this article, watch the video, and get a better understanding of how upscale dining aboard a hotel barge is when you travel with PerryGolf.

The classic traditions of French and International cuisine are an unforgettable highlight of our hotel barge cruises.  Each morning you’ll wake up to newly baked breads, buttery croissants, and a variety of fresh pastries from the local patisserie.  Together with the aroma of fresh coffee brewing, enjoying your breakfast on deck is the perfect way to begin you day.

Fine WinesLuncheon, often enjoyed on the sun deck, will be a colorful arrangement of salads, pâtes, savory quiches and of course, a selection of cheeses, all accompanied by an excellent choice of wines from the barge cellar.

Dinner is the culinary highlight of each day. Served by candlelight, each course is a delicious creation, complemented by fine wines. Your chef will use the freshest ingredients, bought from the wonderful local markets, and pick herbs from the small on-board herb garden to produce wonderful regional and national dishes that are full of flavor.

Our hotel barge trips are not only fun, relaxing, and romantic, but are also educational.  Whether this is a new experience or not, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the cuisine, wines, and area from your Chef, Captain, and Tour Guide.  The epicurean cuisine and overall experience will of course vary, depending on the trip.

Cheese BoardFor example, in the French experience regional specialties range from a Filet d’Agneau au Basilic to Magret de Canard to Poulet à L’Estragon.  For the wine gurus out there, the wine cellar offers a very impressive selection – to name just a few: Chateau de la Saule 2005, Domaine Corsin, Pouilly Fuisse, Domaine Laroche, Domaine Comte Georges de Vogue.  Don’t forget the cheeses – there’s no better way to complement an excellent, aged bottle of wine with a variety such as these: Aisy Cendré, Bouton de Culotte, Epoisses, and Ami du Chambertin.

On the other hand, in the British Isles experience you’ll see regional specialties varying from a Munro of marinated Salmon to Pheasant breast with Horseradish sauce to Navarin of Lamb with fine herbs.  Expect an equally impressive selection of wines, but also an assortment of single malt whiskies and 80 Shilling Ales.  Be sure to pair these with Scottish Brie, Whisky Chase, Stratdown Blue, or Orkney smoked!

To see more about these gastronomic experiences, please watch the video produced by our valued business partner European Waterways:

Dining aboard a Hotel Barge – Gastronomic Cuisine, Fine Wines and Delicious Cheeses

A travel partner of PerryGolf, European Waterways have been involved in all aspects of the hotel barge and travel industry for over 35 years including designing, building, owning and operating their fleet of luxury hotel barges.  We at PerryGolf are pleased to have partnered with them to provide these spectacular barge cruises.

It is our particular pleasure to present the hotel golf barges of PerryGolf.  Seven utterly charming vessels are offered for exclusive-use arrangements that will accommodate 8-18 Guests who enjoy the camaraderie of a supremely relaxing and localized experience in the Scottish Highlands, the suburbs of London, the Burgundy and Provence regions of France.Magna Carta Cruising


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Little Italy, St Andrews

[singlepic id=32 w=320 h=240 float=]Little Italy is a fantastic, relatively new restaurant in the centre of St. Andrews.  At first glance it won’t blow you away as the décor is fairly low key; however the food, the atmosphere and the service certainly will!  The staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful from the minute you step foot in the restaurant, with fresh crusty bread, balsamic vinegar / olive oil and a generous dish of olives coming free of charge as you sit down.

The menu is very traditional; offering homemade specialities such as Veal Milanese.  The portions are generous and the value for money is excellent, so if you’re looking for somewhere to dine in St. Andrews which will provide excellent food coupled with wallet-friendly prices, Little Italy fits the bill perfectly.   It’s also worth noting that PerryGolf gathers feedback from our groups about where they’ve dined, and time after time Little Italy comes out very high on their list.

By Keith Baird, Golf Travel Specialist at PerryGolf.

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Where to Find a Pint in St Andrews?


Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery

As one of Glasgow’s longest standing restaurants, it is wonderful to learn that Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery, located on busy Argyle Street, still offers a fantastic dining experience.

Over 23 years the restaurant has built up a solid reputation as “the place to go” for seafood lovers.  Des Mullan, Operations Director of Two Fat Ladies, describes why the restaurant remains a success,

I think we are pretty accessible and there is nothing we do or sell that could be described as ‘overly foodie’, we don’t put words on the menu that nobody knows what they mean.  We try to keep things as simple and clean as we can”.

So there you have it, the key to a fantastically successful restaurant is to give your customers what they want – excellent food without the fuss.

They work with only one supplier to ensure that their fare is 100% fresh and feel that this approach appeals to diners looking for local produce.  It clearly works as in 2010 the restaurant was named “Best Posh Nosh” in the Glasgow Restaurant awards.

With a cozy atmosphere and the option of a private dining room with a glass wall so that you can see into the kitchen, diners can get a real overview of how confident Two Fat Ladies are in what they serve up.  To give you an idea of what is on the menu, how about flash fried west coast scallops with Stornoway black pudding and smokie cream, cress salad for starters?; followed by fillets of sea bream and Indian spiced mussel and savoy cabbage cream?  If seafood is not your thing, don’t worry, you can choose from various meat dishes ranging from the trusty fillet mignon to warm smoked duck salad in a pomegranate vinaigrette.

Be sure to book a table next time you are dining out in Glasgow– you won’t be disappointed.


Top Dining Award for Gleneagles

Congratulations to Andrew Fairlie and all of his team at Gleneagles for winning the Sunday Times Food List “Best Restaurant in Britain” accolade.  Andrew Fairlie opened his restaurant at Gleneagles in 2001 and since then it has consistently been rated as one the best in Scotland – but its great to see them getting greater recognition.  Gleneagles has always been a popular choice with PerryGolf clients thanks to its fantastic accommodations, world class courses and other excellent facilities.  This is just another reason to visit and enjoy the setting for the next Ryder Cup.

By Alastair Niven.  Alastair has been with PerryGolf for more than 12 years and is one of our Golf Travel Specialists.