Top Dining Award for Gleneagles

Congratulations to Andrew Fairlie and all of his team at Gleneagles for winning the Sunday Times Food List “Best Restaurant in Britain” accolade.  Andrew Fairlie opened his restaurant at Gleneagles in 2001 and since then it has consistently been rated as one the best in Scotland – but its great to see them getting greater recognition.  Gleneagles has always been a popular choice with PerryGolf clients thanks to its fantastic accommodations, world class courses and other excellent facilities.  This is just another reason to visit and enjoy the setting for the next Ryder Cup.

By Alastair Niven.  Alastair has been with PerryGolf for more than 12 years and is one of our Golf Travel Specialists.


Andrew Fairlie Sources ‘Home-Grown’ Produce

Andrew Fairlie

Scotland’s only 2 Michelin-starred restaurant, Andrew Fairlie @ Gleneagles, boasts not only locally sourced produce from all over Scotland but also organically reared lamb which Andrew’s brother Jim rears on Harrietfield Farm; his own property close to Edinburgh.  Click here to read on.

Andrew Fairlie’s restaurant is a good enough reason alone to make a stay at Gleneagles a priority while vacationing in Scotland.

Advance reservations at the restaurant are essential as it is always busy – your Golf Travel Specialist would be pleased to make these reservations on your behalf.