Family. Culture. Adventure – A True South African Vacation

Wilmington, NC - Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa’s phenomenal golf is reason enough for a visit. The game’s rich history and impressive new construction provides an abundant selection of outstanding layouts. Then, when you add a safari, plus Cape Town and the Cape Winelands, plus the Garden Route, perhaps Sun City Resort, the experience proves to be truly one of the most eventful – and exotic – golf and travel experiences imaginable. A bucket-list adventure for travelers of all ages!

Travel Tips: What To Expect From Premium Air Travel

Air Travel
Air Travel: What To Expect?

Virtually all of our clients need some form of air travel in conjunction with their PerryGolf land arrangements. While the economy cabin generally varies very little from one airline to another, the upgraded cabins can vary enormously and some expectation of what you are buying should be part of the purchase decision.

What will your airline seat look like?

question mark gadlingIt is becoming increasingly difficult to know what type of seat and amenities you are buying with a trans-Atlantic ticket. The confusion is most obvious when travelers are lookin at both economy and and upgraded economy products.

Air travel points to consider

Air travel remains a key element in our business, whether we issue tickets for travelers or they arrange themselves. Regular travelers are very familiar with many of the changes which have occurred domestically in recent years; more regional jets (read smaller), busier flights, more invasive security, etc. All this has changed at a time that international air travel has also gone through many changes.

When I travel internationally I usually take a little more time than I would on short domestic flights to consider my options and decide on best alternative, given the various elements to consider.