Travel Tips: What To Expect From Premium Air Travel

Air Travel
Air Travel: What To Expect?

Virtually all of our clients need some form of air travel in conjunction with their PerryGolf land arrangements. While the economy cabin generally varies very little from one airline to another, the upgraded cabins can vary enormously and some expectation of what you are buying should be part of the purchase decision.

New Air Routes to Scotland Make Traveling Easier Than Ever

New Air Routes to Scotland Make Traveling Easier Than Ever 
With so much going on in Scotland next year, we are delighted that both United and US Airways will be launching new nonstop air routes into Edinburgh from Chicago and Philadelphia respectively.

Airline News: United Flies Non-Stop Chicago to Edinburgh

United Airlines
United Airlines has just announced its new service between Edinburgh and Chicago, making it the only non-stop flight between the two destinations.  These flights are to begin May 22, next summer.

Checked Baggage Assistance…know before you buy

As airlines refine and adjust their baggage revenues streams, travelers often struggle to understand what additional costs they will endure for checked baggage…even if traveling on a Business or First Class Class ticket. I have recently discovered a great website which appears to be very accurate and a terrific resource for comparing baggage costs.

Luggage Limits  is also available as an iPhone/iPad/android app and is a useful resource to utilize for travel. When traveling with your golf clubs it is far better to be fully informed before you approach the check in desk!

Your air travel rights

As someone who has travelled for 35 years and counting I am consistently amazed by the sheer lack of service and consideration provided by the airlines. This Conde Nast blog posting is an excellent review of the significance of the new rules and how they affect you. Foreign airlines are exempted BUT not the code share component, so buying a ticket on Air France under the guise of a Delta ticket may have some benefit.

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