Around the Top 100 World – Day 41 to Day 50 / Adelaide to Ayrshire

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Day 41  Play Royal Adelaide

At 7:40 am a taxi drove me four miles to Seaton and Royal Adelaide (rated 63, designed by  Gardiner 1904 and remodeled by Mackenzie). It hardly ever rains in Adelaide, but that day rain was pelting down, the wind was blowing hard, the temperature was 55 degrees, and the skies were dark. I was greeted by a most friendly young lady in the pro shop. She said I was welcome to start play by myself. With the weather so bad I told her I might wait until the skies cleared. She then informed me that this was ladies’ day and a steady stream of players would be starting shortly. I could not believe that anyone would play in this weather, but sure enough the first group appeared right on time. I rushed to put on golf shoes and headed for the first tee with the golf bag on a hand trolley. At the first tee the rain ceased.

Killarney Town

The South West of Ireland has some spectacular golf courses and when scheduling a golf vacation that includes Ballybunion, Tralee and Waterville, the schedule must include a stay in Killarney.  It is a great location and a fantastic base to play the well-known courses while the town itself is full of charm, excellent food and traditional Irish pubs.  

Irish Golf Course Ratings…by the Irish

I read with interest the recently published Irish course ratings in ‘Backspin’, an Irish golf magazine.  The ratings were awarded by Irish pros, amateurs and the media…and the resulting list makes for some fascinating reading.  The biggest surprise to me was Ballybunion being rated 7th in the Links Courses category – I have played there in the past and thought the course was fantastic.  I was also interested to see how well the courses in the Dublin area and Northern Ireland fared, especially the links courses which our clients usually prefer to play.  Click here to see details of the full list.

Classic Golf – Ballybunion Old Course

If the Old Couse at St. Andrews is forever the one golf course in Scotland that everyone wants to play at some stage in their lives…then Ballybunion surely holds the same coveted place in Irish golf. I have been fortunate to play Ballybunion a number of times over the years, it is a fine course which really comes to life after you make the turn back towards the clubhouse. LINKS Magazine has a very engaging story on this Irish masterpiece. Click here to view.

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