4 Tips To Plan Air Travel For Your Golf Trip [HOW TO GUIDE]

How to plan air travel for your golf vacation
So you have made the golfing arrangements for your bucket-list golf trip to Scotland fourteen months in advance but how about your air travel details? All of the friends that said they could go have paid up the deposit and the dates are firmly inked on everyone’s calender. You have selected the most revered links courses and are looking forward to a pint or two in some of the famed watering holes. So what needs to be done next…other than wait patiently and practice your low ball?

I invite you to email Sheila in our Air Department – she is happy to help answer any questions you may have and assist you with your air travel arrangements, as we have contracts with various airlines and may be able to get you a lower than published fare,

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Airline tickets cannot be purchased until 11 months (approx 330 days in advance of travel). This may vary very slightly by airline but it is a good rule of thumb.

Here are some practical steps to ensure your golf vacation starts as soon as possible with no setbacks;

How To Plan Your Air Travel For Your Golf Trip

Tip #1: Start Making A General Plan With Your Group

Discuss in advance how everyone thinks they shall travel to Scotland. Some may prefer Business Class air travel. Others in the group want to use points, still others may be tying the trip into a family vacation afterwards and meeting family in Europe….the nuances are endless. Start making a general plan.  Most likely you are playing golf on your arrival day so when & where do you need to be? Our PerryGolf VIP Coach Concierge Drivers will gladly shuttle participants back to the hotel from the airport, but remember the coach can only be in one place at one time.

Tip #2: Decide In Which Airports You Wish To Connect

When you make your travel plans remember this is a vacation and there is no need to plan on short connections, missed flights that may require re-routing with an added change of plans, lost seat assignments, etc. You may also want to consider in which airports you prefer to connect.  Personally while London Heathrow has gained a dubious reputation over the years, I would argue that Terminal 5 (T5) is as simple a connecting point as you may find. It is far superior to Newark or Philadelphia. Regardless, give some thought to preferred routing from your hometown, assuming everything else is similar.

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Tip #3: Take Advantage of Travel Apps

Be sure to consider www.seatguru.com when you have your airline arrangements booked. It’s better to spend 10 minutes and research the seating options on your plane/class of service when you can select it rather than realize 10 minutes after departure that your seat adjacent to the lavatory which was assigned to to you at the airport was for a reason…because no one else wanted it!

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Tip #4: Decide What You’ll Need In Your Carry On Bag

If you have selected a Business Class option that provides an Arrivals Lounge with shower facilities in the UK, be sure that you have planned ahead and have access to a change of clothes so that you are refreshed and ready for your first round of golf.

Final tip…remember when playing into the wind, swing slow!

Do you have any other tips for planning air travel for your golf trip?

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