Miss Your Flight Connection? Want $500? [AirTravel]

Missed Your Flight?

If you have ever traveled via airplane, you’re probably aware that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Whether your flight is delayed, your luggage gets lost or stolen, you miss your connecting flight and so forth – there many variables out of your control that can adversely affect your travel experience…but if it happens to you now, you won’t be nearly as frustrated and here’s why…

Disclosure 1: I have yet to personally try this new, cutting edge plan but at this point in time do plan to give it a try my next opportunity flying domestically in the U.S. 

Disclosure 2: The original article was written by Kendra Collins and published on Points & Pixie Dust.


“When I first read about Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection’s new AirCare plan, I was speechless.

The tagline pretty much sums it up:  It’s travel insurance, but it feels like magic.

No joke. For just $25 per trip, the plan will pay you:

  • $500 for missed connections due to flight delays
  • $1,000 if you sit on the tarmac for over two hours
  • $500 if the airline takes more than 12 hours to deliver your luggage
  • $1,000 if your luggage is lost or stolen
  • $50 if a flight is delayed for more than two hours

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection AirCare

The company tracks flights automatically, so you’ll get electronic notifications and assistance via your smartphone. If you end up using the insurance for a flight disruption, you won’t even have to submit a claim…you’ll simply get an automatic deposit into your bank account.

Currently, this is only available domestically in the United States, via iPhone, Android, and online. You can purchase insurance for both revenue tickets and award tickets. Want more info? Visit their website here.

I can hardly wait to try this out! What do you think?”

This article was originally published on 20 May 2014 by Kendra Collins.

Kendra also compared another travel insurance option w/ Berkshire Hathaway’s Travel Protection;

Chase VS AirCare


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