A seriously great investment for UK travel

Over the years I have tried to stay current on tech gadgets and services offered to travelers. One of the ongoing issues is the high cost of data roaming charges when you are overseas, or at least out of your home network. Much has been written about this yet many travelers still fall victim to substantial data roaming charges upon their return home for a foreign vacation.

When I travel internationally I turn off data roaming on my smart phone and become reliant on wifi hotspots, generally my hotel room, which usually comes at a $12 – $25 daily rate. The newest solution for me when travelling to the UK is Fonmigo (http://www.fonmigo.com/) a portable wifi hot spot with a flat daily or weekly rate. Use it wherever you find yourself, in a PerryGolf VIP Coach, in a pub, at dinner….or even in your hotel room. Up to 5 devices can access the hot spot so you may even share it with your travelling companions! With a weekly cost of approximately $100 it is very reasonably priced and even allows you to make VoIP calls at negligible cost.

This service is presently available only in the UK but I imagine if it is successful we shall see it available around the world…and maybe then the cell companies will charge an appropriate rate for roaming!

About the Author: Gordon Dalgleish is the Co-Founding Director of PerryGolf, the leading provider of international golf vacations. You can find him on Google+

Bulgari – A New Luxury Hotel for London

Bulgari – a familiar name to the ladies for exclusive jewellery and exotic perfume (I am lucky enough to have a striking amber box on my dressing-table) – are to build an equally luxurious boutique hotel in Knightsbridge, London.  Influenced by the company’s history as silversmiths to the very rich and famous, the hotel will have silver as the main theme and has been designed on the same lines as the original Bulgari hotel in Milan, Italy and by the same designer.

The hotel will have 78 rooms including 6 luxurious apartments, and will be managed by Ritz-Carlton.   The new project, overlooking Knightsbridge Green, is to be started soon and is expected to open at the end of 2011.  Joining the newly opened Fairmont Savoy and shortly-to-be opened Four Seasons Park Lane, the Bulgari will offer the very latest 5* plus luxury.

By Yvonne Shaw.  Yvonne has been with PerryGolf for over 10 years and is a member of our admin team.

Full English Breakfast Sir?

Full English Breakfast
Full English Breakfast

Ever wondered what the difference is in the full breakfast as you travel around the countries that make up the UK?  Eggs and bacon will be included everywhere, but what accompanies them may differ.

In England you can expect to find sausages, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and may be offered black pudding, baked beans and fried bread.   Breakfast tea is usually stronger than most other varieties and toast and marmalade will be on the table.

In Scotland, porridge made from oatmeal is considered a must and can be eaten with cream and either salt or something sweet such as honey.  The bacon and eggs may be accompanied by a flat sausage (know as lorne) rather than links sausages.  There will be grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and probably black pudding, fruit pudding and haggis.  Oatcakes are often offered and are a savoury, slightly salty biscuit.

Ireland is famous for its delicious soda bread and this will be on the table at breakfast too.  Irish breakfast can also include a white pudding.  In Northern Ireland, the Ulster breakfast is usually a full English plus soda bread.  Wales has it’s own variety of bread made from seaweed – laver or lava bread – give it a try!

By Yvonne Shaw.  Yvonne has been with PerryGolf for over 10 years and is a member of our admin team

Buckingham Palace Open to Public

The Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace commenced on the 27th of July, and this years’ exhibition runs until the 1st of October.  The theme is The Queens Year and is a collection of Her Majesty’s outfits and robes (including the Robe of State) on display to the public for the first time.

The Royal Collection

Some of the state rooms are also available to the public and it is a rare chance for visitors to walk around these magnificent rooms and admire the furniture and paintings, or to escape to the tranquillity of the palace gardens.  Walking amongst the flowers it is hard to imagine the busy city which is bustling on every side.

You will not catch a glimpse of the Queen, however, as at this time of year the Royal Family are cruising off Scotland before their summer vacation at Balmoral Castle on Royal Deeside.

By Yvonne Shaw.  Yvonne has been with PerryGolf for over 10 years and is a member of our admin team.

London’s Fairmont Savoy Hotel on Time

One of London’s most famous hotels is on schedule for its re-opening in October this year.  The Savoy Hotel on The Strand closed at the end of 2007 and has been undergoing a very ambitious restoration to offer the very finest up-to-date facilities without destroying the much loved atmosphere of this grand hotel.  The hotel has featured in many movies, and no trip to London for the rich and famous was complete without afternoon tea at The Savoy.

The Savoy Hotel
The Savoy Hotel

A mixture of Edwardian and Art Deco architecture and décor has always been the hallmark of this magnificent building and a huge team of architects and designers have worked enthusiastically to bring it into the 21st century while keeping the grandiose spirit of a more opulent era.  They have maintained the historical River Restaurant, and the famous ‘afternoon tea’ can be taken in the new Winter Garden beneath an elaborate glass dome.  There is also the added attraction of a new Beaufort Bar for afternoon tea, extending into cocktails and cabaret – a hallmark of Edwardian society.  There is even a discreet shop selling the famous tea plus fresh pastries and, of course, they have kept The Savoy Grill!

After all this food, patrons will be delighted to discover the new rooftop swimming pool and fitness gallery!

By Yvonne Shaw.  Yvonne has been with PerryGolf for over 10 years and is a member of our admin team.