Miss Your Flight Connection? Want $500? [AirTravel]

Missed Your Flight?

If you have ever traveled via airplane, you’re probably aware that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Whether your flight is delayed, your luggage gets lost or stolen, you miss your connecting flight and so forth – there many variables out of your control that can adversely affect your travel experience…but if it happens to you now, you won’t be nearly as frustrated and here’s why… Read more “Miss Your Flight Connection? Want $500? [AirTravel]”

Travel insurance for your golf trip

Golf travel cancellation insurance is one of these items many people overlook or otherwise do not spend much time considering as a purchase. Quite possibly because when you financially commit to a golf vacation it is with the full intent of completing the trip and thinking negative thoughts towards this pending dream trip is not in your personality. Whatever the rationale, I would encourage all travelers to understand the extent of their financial commitment and the terms associated with the purchase. These terms should be clearly and concisely detailed to you in advance of making any deposit. Very possibly, due to various factors, most notably the terms that suppliers place on tour operators like ourselves the cost to cancel can be quite steep.  Stringent cancellation terms usually occur when demand demand is high in a relatively short, peak season for travel…as the British Isles experience every summer.

Golf travel cancellation insurance will ordinarily cost 6 – 7.5% on the value of the golf trip being insured. Your cost may be dependent upon your age and it will generally include a number of other amenities such as providing reimbursement for delayed luggage or medical evacuation. Every policy is different. The important thing for every golfer who is travelling, is to understand their financial commitment when booking a trip and then decide if you are comfortable with losing all or a portion of these monies if you are unable to travel. If you are comfortable with the potential loss, travel insurance is not for you. If the possibility of not enjoying the trip AND losing some portion (or all) of your money gives you pause for concern through some unforeseen event outwith your control, then golf travel insurance is something to seriously consider.

About the Author: Gordon Dalgleish is the Co-Founding Director of PerryGolf, the leading provider of international golf vacations. You can find him on Google+