The Best Pubs in St Andrews, Scotland to Enjoy a Pint or Dram

Best Pubs in St Andrews Scotland -
PerryGolf clients enjoy a post-round pint overlooking the Old Course, St Andrews.

In addition to many of the world’s most renowned links golf courses and finest accommodations, St Andrews is also blessed with many great ‘19th holes’ to visit for a pint or dram after golf. Unfortunately, choosing this perfect pub to enjoy with your friends while you reminisce over your round can be a complete shot in the dark if it’s your first time in the Home of Golf. That’s why we’ve created for you a list of our favourite pubs in the Auld Grey Toon.

Scotch whisky and golf….like salt and pepper

Neat article on Scotland’s other famous export;

On the Supernatural Connection Between Scotch and Golf

TAP imageSurely it’s more than mere happenstance that the game of golf and the drinkable artwork that is Scotch whisky were both created in the gorgeously green, wind-swept, salty-aired duneslands of Scotland.

Although the origins of golf are slightly shrouded in mist, many believe the game was invented as early as the 14th century by fishermen returning from beach to village across rolling links.  If one fisherman … Read more


Pub Etiquette in Ireland, indeed the British Isles

The recent story on pub etiquette caught my eye as I have seen the unknowing American traveler make the same mistake more times than I could count. The article has much more significance if you have witnessed the “round” ritual first hand, otherwise it is slightly obtuse. Good fun reading at

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