Dornoch Town, Scotland

No trip to the Highlands is complete without visiting Dornoch; a small historic town with spectacular architecture and steeped in history.  Most famous recently for Madonna’s wedding and her son’s Christening in late 2000.  It’s easy to see why this was her chosen venue; with Dornoch Cathedral a stunning center piece to the town.  

I have visited Dornoch several times and never tire of browsing around the small antique shops not to mention the great walks that the town hosts in the Sutherland Hills.  Part of the town’s magical history involves witchcraft as Dornoch is home to the last execution in Scotland for witchcraft.  

The town is ideal for both golfers and non golfers, with Brora Golf Club and Royal Dornoch located close by…it’s the ideal place to spend time during your golf trip.

By Denise McKee.  Denise has been with PerryGolf for over 10 years and is member of our admin team.