Restored James Braid Design for Taymouth Castle

We at PerryGolf are asked regularly by our clients to suggest hidden gem courses and courses that hark back to golf as it was played in the past as well as the new modern layouts.  I have read with interest plans to restore Taymouth Castle near Gleneagles back to its original James Braid design.  The course currently is ideal for a nice relaxing round in some stunning scenery so with the addition of the new improvements -including 2 holes along the banks of the River Tay – it promises to be a great layout and should be ready right on time for the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles in 2014. You can see full details by clicking here.

By Alastair Niven.  Alastair has been with PerryGolf for over 11 years and is one of our Golf Travel Specialists.