PerryGolf is 94% sold on its 2024 British Isles Golf Cruise to The 152nd Open at Royal Troon.
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NEWS RELEASE: PerryGolf Announces 2025 British Isles Golf Cruise with Attendance to The 153rd Open at Royal Portrush -

PerryGolf Announces 2025 British Isles Golf Cruise with Attendance to The 153rd Open at Royal Portrush

13 Nights | 6 (or 3) Rounds | Southampton – Edinburgh | July 15 – 28, 2025

(WILMINGTON, NC) With 200 PerryGolf guests attending The 151st Open at Royal Liverpool Golf Club this weekend, PerryGolf announces today that its annual golf cruise in 2024 to the British Isles including 6 (or 3) rounds of marquee golf plus weekend attendance to The 152nd Open at Royal Troon is already 94% booked. This reflects a broader trend for international golf travel bookings being made much further in advance than usual. 

PerryGolf President & Co-Founder Gordon Dalgleish says, "While the cruising industry was hammered during the pandemic for a variety of reasons, it has returned with a vengeance.  We are witnessing very strong demand for future golf cruise bookings.  Any negative sentiments toward cruising have been quickly overcome. We’re pleased now at this early stage to release our flagship voyage of 2025 - the British Isles Golf Cruise - which includes 6 (or 3) marquee rounds of golf plus weekend attendance to The 153rd Open at Royal Portrush Golf Club in Northern Ireland - so that our golf cruise clients can take advantage of early booking offers and the best selection of 46 suites with balcony and butler service onboard the small-sized ships of Azamara®, the upmarket cruise line and leader in Destination Immersion.”

Golf Couples are Spoiled for Choices: Introducing two 6-Round Golf Programs, two 3-Round "Golf Lite Golf Lite Package Available -" Programs, and a Cruise & Attendance Only Package

The British Isles golf voyage is the flagship of PerryGolf’s annual golf cruise portfolio of about 20 worldwide departures. 2025 will gather 75-80 likeminded golf couples for a 13-night, 8 port voyage from Southampton to Edinburgh.  The itinerary is beautifully balanced with four overnights in port plus famous city experiences such as Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee.

Guests will choose from either of two flights each offering six courses ranging from Royal Birkdale and Hillside in England to Prestwick, Turnberry, Carnoustie and Kingsbarns in Scotland.  For those who favor more sightseeing, PerryGolf offers a pair of “golf lite” packages each with 3 marquee rounds. All packages include Saturday and Sunday attendance to The Open at Royal Portrush.

PerryGolf’s cruise partner since 2011 is Azamara® whose small-sized ships for less than 700 passengers are ideal for the purpose. They are large enough to offer luxury accommodation, fine dining and live entertainment yet nimble enough to navigate smaller ports for premium docking positions. Forty-six suites with balcony and butler service routinely book first so lock in early for the best selection at the best price.

Weekend attendance to The 153rd Open at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland is the sightseeing highlight of the itinerary.  Private transportation will shuttle Guests between the ship and The Open throughout the day Saturday and Sunday.

Pricing, Current Offers and Detailed Itinerary available at


  • 13-Nights, 8-Ports including 4-Overnights and 3-Late Nights
  • 6 Courses Among the World Top 100 Courses by
  • Weekend Attendance to The 153rd Open at Royal Portrush
  • Second of Five Back-2-Back Voyages  Back-2-Back Voyage -  on PerryGolf's 2025 European Medley Golf Cruise
  • Golf Lite Golf Lite Package Available - Packages Available


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