Luggage Restrictions

On a trip to Philadelphia in September to watch the Walker Cup at Merion Golf Club, I had booked the flights with British Airways on their excellent business class service. Aware the luggage allowance for all airlines has changed recently, I noted BA allowed three cases up to 23kg each for Club Class; like every airline there is a hefty charge per kilo if you are over this limit. Not being particularly well organised in advance, I had to use my existing luggage and found the larger case was nearly 6 kg in weight, so before even the first (of many) pair of shoes went in I had used up nearly a quarter of my weight allowance. Clearly action had to be taken as I cannot really be bothered with two cases.

British Airways
British Airways

I spent considerable time researching the various options. Clearly I could have gone the ‘kit’ bag route, but my preference is a soft trolley case – however the wheel system and structure of the case can be the main part of the weight. There are new luggage sets on the market which are very light weight, but I felt they would probably not be as long-lasting and robust for the treatment they receive in airports. Also I was surprised at the huge difference in the capacity of cases – definitely go for an expandable case! I finally opted for Antlers New Size Zero range, buying the large case, 30”, expandable, only 3.2kg and has a 100 litre capacity. The medium case is 26”, 2.8kg and has a 66 litre capacity. It is also important to note that Antler include a TSA padlock which is compatible with US Security.

Now for my next trip I have 3kg/6.6lb of extra luggage to pack…think that will be allocated to more shoes…a girl just can never pack enough shoes!

By Anne Filshie. Anne is the Group Director of Operations for PerryGolf.