How To Pack for a Golf Trip [Thru Our Eyes]

Are you planning to take a golf trip? In addition to the planning and coordinating of accommodations, tee times, transportation, sightseeing, dining and so forth, you’ll obviously need to pack appropriately…that is, golf-appropriately. It’s one thing to pack for a weekend getaway but another for a week long trip out of the country. Keep in mind when packing that a successful golf vacation starts well before you even leave your home.

How To Pack For A Golf Trip

LINKS Magazine published an article on How To Pack for a Golf Trip. They begin,

There’s travel—and then there’s golf travel. Besides bringing clubs, shoes, balls, and other gear, we have to figure out the clothes.

A weekend trip to the desert is easy—shirts, shorts, sunscreen. But if you’re off for more than three or four days, or to a part of the globe where the weather can be fickle (hello, Scotland!), getting the most out of the least amount of stuff is key.

For general packing tips, the internet offers countless suggestions. But for golf specifics, we went to the experts: Jeff Herold, president of ClubGlove, maker of travel bags and luggage, and Gordon Dalgleish, President of tour operator PerryGolf. And the Editors of LINKS added a few suggestions, as well.

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