The Irish Tourist Economy

Our UK PerryGolf office may be based in Scotland, but as Ireland is another of the world’s most popular golfing destinations, we are constantly in contact with our suppliers over there.

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in New York City
St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in New York City

With the presence of St. Patrick’s Day (and festive ‘tourist drive’ parades being held in New York and Los Angeles), we are always reminded of the Irish culture and it was very interesting to read a recent report on the present economic stance of the country.

With the realization that Ireland is now perceived as a very expensive country to visit, many of the higher-end accommodations are looking to lower their rates quite markedly alongside the special offers in place for customers.  With this proactive approach, and Ireland making a concerted effort to promote the country once again, hopefully golfers will not feel they have to miss out on some of the best courses in the world.

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