Golf, Cooking and Wine Tasting on Lake Como, Italy

6 Nights | 5 Rounds of Golf | 3 Wine Tastings | 5 Cooking Classes | And much more…

The Nesbitt party recently took a golf vacation with PerryGolf to Lake Como, Italy that encompassed far more than just golf alone. Enjoy the slideshow of pictures above as they showcase stems and pieces of the Italian cooking classes the group took. The golf vacation – “Golf, Cooking and Wine Tasting on Lake Como, Italy” is one the most popular golf trips our clients enjoy to Italy.

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Wine Tasting in Bordeaux, France

A popular region to visit in France is Bordeaux; with great golf courses like Medoc Golf Course, Chateau des Vigiers, Relais and Relais de Margaux you can see why it’s a firm favourite.  Personally, the main reason for me to visit the region should be for the wine!!!

There are excellent vineyards in the St. Emilion and the Médoc areas – 92 in total all offering wine tastings and tours.  The wine tastings can last from 2 hours onwards and can easily be fit in around your golf and sightseeing schedule.  Bordeaux city itself is gorgeous, with wide boulevards, stunning architecture and beautiful parks.

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By Denise McKee.  Denise has been with PerryGolf for over 10 years and is responsible for our Mediterranean programs.