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Bryan Bros GoPro on Visit Scotland
VisitScotland has been working on in partnership with GoPro and the Bryan Bros. The brothers from South Carolina are global internet sensations, and were delighted to get the opportunity to travel around Scotland performing their golf trick-shots in iconic Scottish locations, while GoPro captured it all in a series of videos.
The golf-obsessed Bryans are expert shot-makers. Their previous accolades include hitting shots from the top of moving golf carts and sending golf balls through basketball hoops. What did they do in Scotland, I hear you ask? Watch the video below & see their incredible trick shots in iconic locations around Scotland.

Meet the Bryan Bros!

Bryan Bros Golf


Bryan Bros: Q&A by Annierose Knox
What were you most looking forward to about coming to Scotland for the first time?

We were excited about visiting St Andrews, mostly because of the golfing history, prestige and traditions. The course was incredible! It was so much fun to play, especially with all the grandstands set up. Aside from golf, we couldn’t wait to explore Scotland for the first time and see all that the country has to offer.

What will be your lasting memory of your visit?

We’ll remember five days of wonderful new adventures. Experiencing this trip together as brothers and getting the chance to play the course at St Andrews are memories that will last forever. The golf is unbelievable, but there’s so much more to discover. The castles, the mountains and the towns are all absolutely incredible.

Watch the video and see what the Bryans got up to ahead of the recent 2015 Open Championship.

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