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Golf Cruising with PerryGolf and Azamara Club Cruises

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The reputation we’ve earned at PerryGolf over the past 30+ years as one of the most respected providers of international golf tours is proudly presented now as one of the most respected providers of international golf cruises. PerryGolf Cruising stands alone to deliver the largest variety of voyages that combine the best golf courses in the world with the world’s most desirable destinations.

We do not charter. Instead we choose our cruise partners from those who are already sailing the itineraries we require on the merits of their vessel, their standard of service and their value. That means our portfolio offers wide ranging choices including the two 690-guest ocean liners of Azamara Club CruisesAzamara Quest and Azamara Journey – both of which were refurbished in 2016. These sister ships are nearly identical; large enough to provide luxurious amenities like suites with butler service, nimble enough to navigate smaller harbors.

All-inclusive golf cruising promises the perfect arrangement of comfort and convenience whether you sail with us to the British Isles for the 2017 or 2018 Open Championship, New Zealand & Australia, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Islands, the Iberian Peninsula or the Arabian Gulf & Emirates. If you’re keen to combine your love of the game with your passion for travel, you’ll find an expert for both at PerryGolf.

At the end of March, we will be releasing our 2019 golf cruising lineup and we believe you will be equally excited as we are about the new additions…

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