New Chef at the Barceló Troon Marine Hotel

The Barceló Troon Marine Hotel has appointed Robert MacGillvray as their new head chef in its Fairways Restaurant.  It’s the first time in 42 years they’ve had to appoint someone to the position, so it’s bound to add an exciting and new aspect to the hotel’s restaurant.  Kevin has been in the industry for 30 […]

The Most Impactful Trend of International Golf Travel

International Golf Travel – The most impactful trend Much has changed since August 1984 when my brother and I started PerryGolf. Of all the changes – new golf courses, hotels, airline options and service improvements – the one which has the greatest ongoing impact to our clients, is the booking window.

The 3 Best Golf Clusters in the World

  Traveling across the world to play golf and absorb the culture is a thrilling opportunity, one to be seized and relished. Once you arrive at your destination, however, it’s a nice perk if there are many exceptional golf courses located within a small radius. Then you can simply unpack your bags, settle in, and […]