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PerryGolf Arranges Custom Golf & Travel Experiences to Eleven of the World's Most Memorable Destinations.

We are the leading provider of custom international golf vacations and golf cruises to the world's most memorable destinations including Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales, France, Spain and Portugal, Italy, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

PerryGolf vacations are enjoyed on five continents ranging from Scotland to South Africa, New Zealand. In every destination, we are uniquely qualified to arrange every aspect of a custom tour enjoyed by groups of men, women and couples.

Destination profiles are found below each offering an overview, an interactive Golf & Hotel FINDER plus Sample Schedules. If we can assist you personally, contact one of our travel specialists on 800.344.5257 or

Old Course, St. Andrews

This is golf’s holy land. There are 65-75 clubs we can recommend that you would never get tired of playing. It’s cool here in the summer, the caddies are good help and even better fun. The majority of the clubs are clustered so it’s easy to get around plus they’re famous for their history, or their championships, or their charm, or all three. Many who visit consider it to be a life time achievement. We understand and take it deeply to heart, whether our Guests play or not.

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Sperone Golf Club

The European Mediterranean shares an extraordinary amount of human history along with the most creative traditions on the planet for food and wine plus 16,562 miles of coastline favored fondly as the world’s playground. It’s hot here in more ways than one, so except for Portugal along the Atlantic, it’s a trip for the spring or fall. If however, summer is your window ask your PerryGolf Specialist about Italy’s Lake Como.

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Kruger National Park

South Africa is four vacations in one; golf, wine, Cape Town and a safari. If you add luxury travel by train, make it five. The safari you want is in Kruger National Park where you’ll play splendid Leopard Creek where you will watch animals while they watch you as you play! If you enjoy fine wine, we’ll arrange a tour of the Winelands near Cape Town which continues to prosper as one of the world’s great cities.

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Cape Kidnappers Golf Club

Hollywood’s “middle earth” rises over 12,000 feet in the Southern Alps with ten million year old glaciers and thousand foot fiords. Noisy tropical rainforests share the two islands with semi-arid regions where a respected new wine industry is making a name for itself. The west coast is rugged and raging while the east coast is for sunshine and scuba diving. Catch a sailboat while you’re here and be sure to play Cape Kidnappers, the most astounding golf course in the world.

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New South Wales Golf Club

Our favorite Australia begins for golf, great beaches, the very Great Barrier Reef plus Sydney is the east coast. When it turns into the southern coast, you’ll find Melbourne’s famous Sand Belt: an amazing cluster of eight vintage layouts found within six square miles of each other, all dating from the 1920’s or before, including Dr. Alister MacKenzie’s Royal Melbourne. Better still, you’ll be within 1 hour and 10 minutes from Tasmania where Barnbougle Lost Farm has joined Barnbougle Dunes to form one of the best combinations there is.

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