A behind-the-scenes look at Prestwick Golf Club. You don't want to miss this Greenside Chat.
NEXT WEBCAST: The Story of Norway's Most Northerly Golf Course ~ Lofoten Links
NEW WEBCAST: "The Story of the First Club to Host The Open" ~ Prestwick Golf Club

"The Story of the First Club to Host The Open"
~ Prestwick Golf Club

Given that ordinarily, we would be in the midst of a Major week of links golf with The Open, sometimes referred to as The British Open or The Open Championship, it only seems fitting that our guest for this week's Greenside Chat is Ken Goodwin, longtime Secretary of Prestwick Golf Club. Ken shares some of his fondest memories at Prestwick and helps us discover some of the mystique that surrounds the first ever Club to have hosted The Open (1860).

In the coming weeks PerryGolf Co-Founder Gordon Dalgleish will interview Frode Hov, owner of Norway's spectacular Lofoten Links found 95 miles above the Arctic Circle in the Land of the Midnight Sun; and Shelley Duncan, Director of Golf at Otago Golf Club, the oldest club in the Southern Hemisphere.

Please enjoy Ken's story.

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