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Golf Cruising Reimagined 2020/2021
WEBINAR: Wednesday, May 29 at 2 PM EDT

If you picture a “golf cruise” like other cruise lines hope you do – a random round booked by the ship’s excursion concierge to play some no name golf course with strangers – look again. We and our partner Azamara Club Cruises® have something entirely different. You’ll play 3-6 pre-arranged rounds, at marquee courses, in dozens of the world’s most memorable destinations enjoyed in the company of 40-50 new like-minded new friends. If you travel with someone who doesn’t play, they will enjoy everything about the cruise experience.

Join PerryGolf Co-Founding Director Gordon Dalgleish for a 30 minute webinar on Wednesday, May 29 at 2PM EDT to see what a real golf cruise looks like.

The presentation will be followed by Questions & Answers.

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