Father's Day Gift from PerryGolf
Father's Day Gift from PerryGolf

A Complimentary Fatherís Day Gift from PerryGolf
He Will Appreciate for a Lifetime

Chances are your father introduced you to the game of golf. Hereís your chance to return the favor twofold this Fatherís Day.

Simple To Use, Wow To Experience. With our complimentary link below, your Dad gets the gift of a better golf swing Ė through a personalized analysis of his swing by a world-class PGA-certified teaching professional in the top-rated Swing Index mobile app. Itís simple. Your dad records a video of his swing with his phone camera. A world-class pro identifies your Dadís unique swing faults and creates a roadmap of instruction to correct each fault step by step right from his mobile phone. If your dad wants to activate his full roadmap he can purchase it easily with one tap and experience swing improvement that will last a lifetime.

Heíll have you to thank for his improved swing, now and for years to come. Happy Fatherís Day, from PerryGolf.


Email or text your Dad the special one-time link below.
Tell him to open it on his mobile phone.


Weíll take care of the rest!

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