Airfare Exclusive: How To Combine First Class and WT+ for a Great Fare

PerryGolf can provide in house air travel assistance for our clients as they prepare for their international vacations.  Very often the air travel options can be somewhat bewildering – given the myriad of routing options, airfares, cabin configurations, loyalty programs, and lounge accesses – while trying to coordinate at the same airport, similar arrival and departure times of each member of your group.

Air travel points to consider

Air travel remains a key element in our business, whether we issue tickets for travelers or they arrange themselves. Regular travelers are very familiar with many of the changes which have occurred domestically in recent years; more regional jets (read smaller), busier flights, more invasive security, etc. All this has changed at a time that international air travel has also gone through many changes.

When I travel internationally I usually take a little more time than I would on short domestic flights to consider my options and decide on best alternative, given the various elements to consider.