Golf Lesson at Turnberry

Working for PerryGolf for 10 years has opened up my interest in golf; learning about all of the courses and ‘golfing regions’ but having never played a game of golf, I realised it was time to change that.  On a visit to the Turnberry Resort I was lucky enough (when you see my clip you will understand) to have a golf lesson at The Colin Montgomerie Links Golf Academy.  It is a great facility showcasing an open-air driving range with a landscaped target area,  a state-of-the-art audio-visual theatre, simulator and swing analyzer.  After my consultation and a few practice swings, the problem with my swing was clear…to put it bluntly…it was awful!  Once the professional advised where I was going wrong and made a few small changes to my swing, a definite improvement was evident.  Spending a further 20 minutes in the teaching bays hitting balls found that my swing was massively improved; there’s a long way to go, but certainly with practice I could be better.

It was a great experience and they have the space and capability to take groups for lessons and offer different options depending on your skill level and what you need to improve on.  This is an ideal addition to your stay at Turnberry and will no doubt improve your round and your experience on the Ailsa Course.

Click below to view my experience at Turnberry’s Golf Academy:

Denise’s Golf Lesson

By Denise McKee.  Denise is a member of PerryGolf’s admin team.