New Air Routes to Scotland Make Traveling Easier Than Ever

New Air Routes to Scotland Make Traveling Easier Than Ever 
With so much going on in Scotland next year, we are delighted that both United and US Airways will be launching new nonstop air routes into Edinburgh from Chicago and Philadelphia respectively.

Google glasses and the impact on golf and golf travel

I have been watching the reported development of Google glasses for some time and as more detailed reviews of their functionality surface, such as here, it caused me to wonder what impact and application would they be used for golf and golf travel. Details from Google can be viewed here and video.

Some ideas;

With GPS functionality the glasses can serve as a yardage guide…no need to fumble with hand held devices!

Checked Baggage Assistance…know before you buy

As airlines refine and adjust their baggage revenues streams, travelers often struggle to understand what additional costs they will endure for checked baggage…even if traveling on a Business or First Class Class ticket. I have recently discovered a great website which appears to be very accurate and a terrific resource for comparing baggage costs.

Luggage Limits  is also available as an iPhone/iPad/android app and is a useful resource to utilize for travel. When traveling with your golf clubs it is far better to be fully informed before you approach the check in desk!

Cape Breton Island – golf travel finds a new destination

Cabot Links in Inverness, Nova Scotia

We shall begin offering programs to Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia later this summer and a recent visit was extremely insightful on various levels.

Cape Breton has long hosted Highland Links which for a number of years has been in GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 in the World list (currently #98) . It remains a fine test of golf in a spectacular setting within the Cape Breton National Park  along the internationally renowned Cabot Trail. In far more recent times Cape Breton is receiving much attention from the golf media with the pending opening of Cabot Links in Inverness, on the west coast of Cape Breton.

Old world and new world are similar

There are some things which you hear and you simply want to share with people..such is the power of new technology.
I was speaking today with a golf industry professional who is one of the best and most respected…he was proudly telling me how he has been making the effort to play at least 9 holes with every new member of his Club…to welcome them and explain club policies and protocols. His view and experience is that spending a few hours with each new Member makes them a far better asset to the Club while significantly enriching their long term Member experience…they know the ropes quickly.
Two weeks ago I was fortunate to have spent a couple of hours with one of the brightest minds I have ever experienced. He is a Venture Fund partner on Sand Hills Road in Menlo Park, Ca who has invested in many of the social media technology companies we know today. In his summary of the opportunity we discussed he recounted how most successful social media concerns regard the “entrance experience” as critical. Entrance experience is the welcome you receive to the latest Internet connectivity.
It struck me that the old world and new world are terribly similar in so many respects, and from a hospitality standpoint, which is our business; the warmth of the smile, firmness of the handshake and genuineness of the concern are the most important things that your welcome person can ever do for you…or the organization.