New Air Routes to Scotland Make Traveling Easier Than Ever

New Air Routes to Scotland Make Traveling Easier Than Ever 
With so much going on in Scotland next year, we are delighted that both United and US Airways will be launching new nonstop air routes into Edinburgh from Chicago and Philadelphia respectively.
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Google glasses and the impact on golf and golf travel

I have been watching the reported development of Google glasses for some time and as more detailed reviews of their functionality surface, such as here, it caused me to wonder what impact and application would they be used for golf and golf travel. Details from Google can be viewed here and video.

Some ideas;

With GPS functionality the glasses can serve as a yardage guide…no need to fumble with hand held devices!

On course instruction….with a side hill lie or long bunker shot, ask for guidance on best technique….easier to have virtual lessons….golf instruction is cutting edge in many respects but hitherto I do not believe the instructor has been able to see what the golfer sees, such as ball position or alignment…from the golfers perspective….no more.

Virtual caddie tips on how to play each hole and shot….will a google caddy know good jokes as well?

Your friends can leave virtual notations about what they recommend on the menu or best beer behind the bar or how they played a particular hole

Share your hole in one with your friends…..does it go viral….can the camera follow the flight of a golf ball?

Will they be able to offer flight track on your screen and thus improve the find ability of golf balls?

Golfers with a short temper and poor golf behavior may be caught on camera as they hit the tee marker in anger or damage the cart

….no wonder privacy advocates do not know what to think, everything is subject to sharing & going viral! Quite a thought.

About the Author: Gordon Dalgleish is the Co-Founding Director of PerryGolf, the leading provider of international golf vacations. You can find him on Google+

Checked Baggage Assistance…know before you buy

As airlines refine and adjust their baggage revenues streams, travelers often struggle to understand what additional costs they will endure for checked baggage…even if traveling on a Business or First Class Class ticket. I have recently discovered a great website which appears to be very accurate and a terrific resource for comparing baggage costs.

Luggage Limits  is also available as an iPhone/iPad/android app and is a useful resource to utilize for travel. When traveling with your golf clubs it is far better to be fully informed before you approach the check in desk!

About the Author: Gordon Dalgleish is the Co-Founding Director of PerryGolf, the leading provider of international golf vacations. You can find him on Google+

Cape Breton Island – golf travel finds a new destination

Cabot Links in Inverness, Nova Scotia

We shall begin offering programs to Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia later this summer and a recent visit was extremely insightful on various levels.

Cape Breton has long hosted Highland Links which for a number of years has been in GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 in the World list (currently #98) . It remains a fine test of golf in a spectacular setting within the Cape Breton National Park  along the internationally renowned Cabot Trail. In far more recent times Cape Breton is receiving much attention from the golf media with the pending opening of Cabot Links in Inverness, on the west coast of Cape Breton.

Cabot Links is the brainchild of Ben Cowan-Dewer with the significant involvement of Mike Keiser, the mastermind and owner of Bandon Dunes on the Oregon coast. I recall clearly playing the original Bandon Dunes course two months before it officially opened in 2000. The course was built in the middle a remote part of the coastline and Mike’s belief was that if you built it…and it is great….they will come. He has proved his critics wrong time and time again with 5 courses now open, scheduled airline service to the nearby airport from San Francisco and Salt Lake and tens of thousands golfers annually converging on Bandon Dunes, and all that they bring to the local economy. Time will be the judge as to the success of Cabot Links…but having walked a good portion of the holes, I am confident in predicting it will achieve international recognition sooner rather than later. I suspect that within five years it will be recognized as the mini Bandon Dunes on the East Coast. Proximity from major East Coast gateways coupled with nonstop service to Halifax make it quite accessible.

As a result of the above two courses, Cape Breton has an extremely interesting story to tell. The quality of golf ranges from local courses to world class, as described. The accommodations range from extremely comfortable and welcoming B & B’s to first class hotels and Lodges. Due to the relatively remote geography, as you will find in similar places, the welcome form the locals is particularly heartfelt and sincere.

Due to the logistics of travel and locations of the golf courses, there truly is a multitude of options for golfers in terms of how you design a trip Cape Breton. To follow in no particular order are my observations and thoughts on how best to plan a trip;

Getting there

Halifax Airport is approximately 30 minutes north of the city. Halifax is the principal business and government city in this region and as a result enjoys significant nonstop air service from all of the principal hub airports on the east coast. The airport terminal is modern, spacious and efficient. When returning to the USA you clear Immigration & Customs at check-in in Canada thus arrival into the USA is treated as a domestic flight with no formalities. Rental cars are located within the airport so just a short covered walk to rental car lot beside terminal…same for return of vehicles.

The Cabot Trail is spectacular

Travel Comments

Cape Breton is connected to the mainland by the Canso Causeway which is approximately a 90 minute drive north from Halifax Airport. It is an easy drive on good roads, mostly four lane, very well marked.  Depending on flight arrival and departure times there is good rationale for an overnight visit to Halifax to see and enjoy this historic Seaport.


Cabot Links – Officially opening in late June, 2012 with clubhouse and 48 rooms open at the same time. Located in the small town of Inverness it is going to be a really special links golf experience. Good background reading from Golf Digest.

Highland Links – The original Stanley Thompson design alongside the Cabot Trail in the northern part of Cape Breton. It is a classic course from Canada’s finest golf course architect of his time. One of the by products of Cabot Links has been to encourage the government ownership of Highland Links to re-invest in the facility and return it to it’s former glory and conditioning, which is occurring.

Dundee Golf overlooking Bras d'Or

Bell Bay – Located on the western side of the magnificent Bras d’Or Lake, overlooking Alexander Graham Bell’s retirement home and where the first plane flight (in the British Empire) occurred, the course is challenging, playable, forgiving and always in excellent condition. The town of Baddeck where it is located is a bit of a summer playground with a nice selection of restaurants and shops. If you are a traveler that prefers to unpack once and drive out to the various golf courses, Baddeck is a terrific option as everything is 60 – 90 minutes drive.

The Lakes – Similar in may respects to Bell Bay for quality of golf experience, except this course is on the eastern shore of Bras d’Or, it uniquely is coupled with a skiing area. in the winter months the skiiers use the same clubhouse that golfers use in the summer months….that is efficient!

Le Portage – If you are a traveler who enjoys the many aspects of new cultures and experiences, Le Portage in the town of Cheticamp is just one of these finds. While the golf course may be more basic than some of the others on Cape Breton, it generally always exceeds expectations and the overall experience is very unique. Cheticamp is immersed in the Arcadian culture with a distinct accent and strong French cultural connection.

Dundee Resort – Located overlooking the southern end of Bras d’Or, the resort and golf course are especially attractive for families given the accommodation options and amenities of the resort. The course is routed up the hillside improving views of the lake.


As noted, there is a good range of accommodation options to suit varying expectations and budgets. I would not describe any of the accommodations as lavish deluxe but that is in keeping with the destination. Keltic Lodge is in the midst of a refurbishment and enjoys a spectacular setting beside Highland Links. The vista in both directions from the Lodge is truly memorable. Cabot Links will have 48 rooms this summer and all shall be very well appointed with ocean and golf course views. The Inverary Resort in Baddeck provides good accommodations and excellent dining in a convenient, attractive location overlooking Bras d’Or.

When in Cape Breton, you must try the local lobster

For travelers who enjoy the more intimate experience of bed & breakfast type accommodations Cape Breton provides some outstanding options. Adjacent to the Lakes is the delightful Birches, in Cheticamp you will find Maison Fiset House and near Highland Links the Castle Rock Country Inn.

Other options

While not on Cape Breton Island, you may want to consider a visit to Fox Harb’r which opened in 2001 and is located on the  north coast of Nova Scotia, looking across the Northumberland Strait at Prince Edward Island (PEI). It is a self contained luxury lifestyle experience with golf course, spa and a host of other amenities. Importantly, it is located a short 90 minute drive from Halifax Airport so would serve well for arrival or departure scheduling. Uniquely this resort has it’s own 5,000 foot runway onsite lest you want to fly privately.


Cape Breton offers a wide array of choices and options…plus with the addition of Cabot Links it makes a previously good golf destination now a truly memorable one. Importantly, although the golf, accommodations and welcome are all first class, you will find the cost to enjoy this part of the Canadian Maritime s to be unexpectedly reasonable. We shall have a host of ideas in the near future when we launch this program.

UPDATE April 2, 2012 – Great article on economic impact of Cabot Links from Toronto’s leading newspaper.

About the Author: Gordon Dalgleish is the Co-Founding Director of PerryGolf, the leading provider of international golf vacations. You can find him on Google+

Old world and new world are similar

There are some things which you hear and you simply want to share with people..such is the power of new technology.
I was speaking today with a golf industry professional who is one of the best and most respected…he was proudly telling me how he has been making the effort to play at least 9 holes with every new member of his Club…to welcome them and explain club policies and protocols. His view and experience is that spending a few hours with each new Member makes them a far better asset to the Club while significantly enriching their long term Member experience…they know the ropes quickly.
Two weeks ago I was fortunate to have spent a couple of hours with one of the brightest minds I have ever experienced. He is a Venture Fund partner on Sand Hills Road in Menlo Park, Ca who has invested in many of the social media technology companies we know today. In his summary of the opportunity we discussed he recounted how most successful social media concerns regard the “entrance experience” as critical. Entrance experience is the welcome you receive to the latest Internet connectivity.
It struck me that the old world and new world are terribly similar in so many respects, and from a hospitality standpoint, which is our business; the warmth of the smile, firmness of the handshake and genuineness of the concern are the most important things that your welcome person can ever do for you…or the organization.


About the Author: Gordon Dalgleish is the Co-Founding Director of PerryGolf, the leading provider of international golf vacations. You can find him on Google+