Mobile Passport App – International Travel Tips

Mobile Passport App - International Travel Tips
I pride myself on staying current with trends & services in the travel industry, particularly those which enhance the experience or provide improved convenience.

I have just become aware of a new program that has rolled out to a limited (but growing) number of US Airports which allows US Citizens to expedite their entry process back into US by skipping the line at Custom & Border Protection (CBP) and going straight to the “Mobile Passport Control” express lane at the airport.
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I have long used Global Entry which is a true time saver but if you do not want to subject yourself to the paperwork or interview, it appears the Mobile Passport app delivers a lot of the same benefits. Interestingly, your family can all use it.

As noted, currently only a limited number of US Airports offer this service but they expect to significantly increase the number of airports with this service during 2016.

At the very least, the free Mobile Passport App is worthy of a try for a US Citizen returning to the US at one of the participating airports.


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