Airfare Exclusive: How To Combine First Class and WT+ for a Great Fare

PerryGolf can provide in house air travel assistance for our clients as they prepare for their international vacations.  Very often the air travel options can be somewhat bewildering – given the myriad of routing options, airfares, cabin configurations, loyalty programs, and lounge accesses – while trying to coordinate at the same airport, similar arrival and departure times of each member of your group.

It seems that over the last few years, particularly in the premium cabins, airfares have fluctuated significantly for no apparent reason.  Moving forward, as we see fares that we believe are particularly attractive, we shall post them on our blog as maybe it will apply to your situation and will hopefully be of benefit to you.  We hope that our clients will consider PerryGolf for air travel as we are able to offer expertise in a logistical perspective to your air schedule.

In the last week we have found a particularly attractive premium fare on American Airlines/British Airways from several mid-western and southern cities to Scotland.  This fare combines First Class on the eastbound journey (overnight) with a premium economy seat on the return (day flight).  The total fare is less than $4,000 which we believe is excellent value.  The reasons we consider this to be great value are:

  • Lounge access at DFW
  • First Class lie flat seating & dining experience on DFW-LHR flight
  • Lounge access with shower facilities in LHR as you make connection
  • Lounge access at Glasgow upon departure
  • Same Terminal (T5) connection in LHR between GLA and DFW
  • World Traveler Plus seating on LHR-DFW nonstop. Day flight with seating more akin to domestic US First Class

Details of the schedule are posted below:

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Matrix   Itinerary


About the Author: Gordon Dalgleish is the Co-Founding Director of PerryGolf, the leading provider of international golf vacations. You can find him on Google+